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Edutelligentsia is a networked education intelligence shop focused on cultivating and curating promising trends, smart connections, and proven practices to help build an outstanding education ecosystem that serves students and families.

So what does that mean, exactly?

We value and seek opportunities:



How We Work

Generally, we have a simple approach to all of our work:

“design backward, deliver forward.”

how-we-work-designOur approach isn’t set in stone and we frequently find ourselves assisting at one, some, or all phases of an opportunity. For example, we have worked with partners to:

  • ​Strategize, plan, innovate, and achieve ambitious outcomes
  • ​Develop metrics, data, and systems to help visualize, share, and inform decision-making​
  • Identify, reach, engage, and ​include key stakeholders to achieve greater impact
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate programs and initiatives
  • Award, cultivate, write, and manage grants and other forms of revenues

See some of the organizations and people we’ve worked for and with.

Who We Are

Edutelligentsia’s networked talent model enables us to partner with you on a variety of education & community development opportunities of varying sizes and complexity. Each proposal and project team is customized to provide you with what you need—fresh perspectives, insights, and/or an extra set of hands—but without the filler or fluff.


Strong, smart, strategic relationships lead to great things.

We love seeing great ideas and inspiring people come together to produce great outcomes for students and families. But the best connections don’t usually happen by chance. Edutelligentsia is developing EdCloutTM to help you make the right connections, faster. Learn more by scrolling down.



  • Practices: What you can expect

    What you can expect from us here is a place where what is proven in education is highlighted and celebrated. Not unlike with our trends section, our goal is to always keep this work and these posts forward-thinking and looking, to help you cut through the occasional fluff and noise in the sector....

  • Quiz: Are you ready for Big Data in Education?

    Do you want to know how you’re doing with your data as an education organization AND what to do next? Click here to take this quick and fun Buzzfeed-style quiz to find out! In 2015, in partnership with the Department of Technology at San Francisco......



A sample of some of the great organizations and people we’ve worked for and with