Quiz: Are you ready for Big Data in Education?
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Quiz: Are you ready for Big Data in Education?

Do you want to know how you’re doing with your data as an education organization AND what to do next? Click here to take this quick and fun Buzzfeed-style quiz to find out!

In 2015, in partnership with the Department of Technology at San Francisco Unified School District, Educuity (now part of Certica Solutions), Ed-Fi Alliance and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Edutelligentsia helped develop an Education Data Maturity Model.

This model was developed to help better understand the natural maturation cycle that our SEA and LEA partners were going through in developing their data infrastructure/ecosystem.

More simply put, our partners wanted to know how they were doing relative to their peers AND what the natural next step is in order for them to improve their data use/infrastructure/ecosystem to better empower educators, students, and families.

The quiz at the link above is a fun way to apply the maturity model to your organization and get a quick, preliminary assessment of what level your organization is currently operating.

Edutelligentsia and its partners are also offering a free 1-hour consult based on your results to help you get some customized recommendations on next steps to advance your data maturity.