Edutelligentsia | Trends: What you can expect
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Trends: What you can expect

It’s apropos that I’m writing this first welcome post to you from Austin, Texas, having just wrapped up attending the first Network for Public Education conference this weekend and jumping into the fourth annual SXSWEdu conference today.  We are really excited to share with you what we’re hearing, learning, and experiencing in both of these terrific and diverse education events.

What you can expect from us here is a place where what looks promising–but not quite proven–in education is celebrated. Our goal is to always keep this work and these posts forward-thinking and looking. There are enough debates–sometimes unproductive– happening in education right now and there is, on occasion, a lot of noise; we don’t want to contribute to that.

At times, you may find us challenging what is trending because we’re not seeing how it is moving the sector forward for students and families. That said, we are always open to hearing from you on angles we’re missing, ideas that you’re seeing, and new ways to understand and promote aspects of and work in the sector that we’re not (yet) talking about.

When I talked about founding Edutelligentsia with others I know, respect, and admire, it was always with a strong belief that our “collective intelligence”

“…a form of universally distributed intelligence, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real time, and resulting in the effective mobilization of skills…The basis and goal of collective intelligence is mutual recognition and enrichment of individuals rather than the cult of fetishized or hypostatized communities” –Pierre Lévy

—if cultivated, curated, and harnessed in a way that was created by and accessible to many—will result in building a stronger education ecosystem. The work you do everyday, the work we get to do with you, and the results/lessons of that work makes up that collective education intelligence (a.k.a. the “edutelligentsia”). We’re excited to start cultivating and curating trends with you!



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